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Here is a story that, for complicated reasons, was killed some years ago

Back to the enemy’s lair: warning — long story ahead Amerasians: San Jose attorney returns to Vietnam in search of America’s lost children By Dennis Rockstroh Hanoi, Vietnam, June 1988 — The night air in Hanoi was hot and muggy … Continue reading

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Here’s the Redwood City story

Basically, a Soviet submarine sank somewhere near Hawaii in very deep water in the 70s. The CIA got the job of hauling it up for the code books and nuclear weapons. Oh, and the submarine. While they were pulling it … Continue reading

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More secrets from the archives

I was looking for some more information on the old CIA base in Redwood City when, OMG, I learned that crusty, secretive cousin USAF Col. Ward Rockstroh was listed as a CIA source for a book. He always said he … Continue reading

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San Jose secret — until now

From the archives City of San Jose was planned in secret — in smoke-filled back rooms Millions, perhaps billions, were made by a select few as California’s first city grew into the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

MISSION REALLY IS A COOL FIND By Dennis Rockstroh NOW THAT I am almost recovered from last week’s heatstroke — and I hope you are, too — it is apropos to tell you about a cool place I found to … Continue reading

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Action Line: Goodbye; Thanks for the memories

By Dennis Rockstroh So long. This is my last column for the San Jose Mercury News and another dozen dailies in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s been a long time since 1973 when I walked into the Mercury News … Continue reading

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I retired from the Mercury News today

I hope to add to this blog in the months ahead

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